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find their "voice"

Unlocking joy and improving the lives of children with autism -Golden Rule ABA

Effective autism therapy starts with listening

Applied behavior analysis services that champion a child's "voice".

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidenced based treatment that improves the lives of children with an autism diagnosis or other developmental disability.   At Golden Rule ABA, we focus on understanding and communication from day 1 because we have found that communication reduces problem behaviors, increases joy, and supports skill building.

Mother and child smiling at each other.


Behaviors that have social significance are targeted to apply behavior change principles to.  Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • aggression

  • defiance

  • emotional outbursts

  • language and communication deficits

  • social skills deficits

  • toileting skills

Cooper et al. (2020)

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Behavior science allows ABA providers to observe, measure, and understand behavior.  When behavior is understood, the scientific principles of behavior can be used to help children choose different or replacement behaviors that help them get what they want and need without using challenging behaviors.

Using graphs to show behavior changes the team can communicate effectively and easily to see even small behavior changes that may be subtle but are significant.

Cooper et al. (2020)

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Teacher and Pupil


Analyzing behavior before, during, and after treatment sessions  allows changes to be made to treatment methods in an efficient way.  The treatment team includes Golden Rule ABA practitioners, the child, and the childʻs family member(s) so everyone is part of the process.

Setting behavior change goals are determined as a team and implemented in a way that everyone's involvement matters.

Cooper et al. (2020)


Golden Rule ABA, LLC is a team of providers who are based on Oʻahu.  These mission minded behavior specialists also provide services in the Colville, WA area. We are passionate about empowering children to use appropriate behaviors to communicate their wants and needs.  We are also passionate about spreading love and aloha wherever we go!

"Thank you for treating my child like your own!"

Former Client ʻOhana

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